Piria’s Rombla Online Web Developer

Having featured SiteGrinder, its only fair to consider Rombla:

The idea is the same as SiteGrinder, make the development of websites more conducive to designers by eliminating most if not all of the coding required to do modern Web 2 website designs. On first glance, I think Rombla is a few steps ahead of SiteGrinder in terms of the functionality it delivers. Also Rombla uses a Flash.swf file to deliver its free for now editing space which allows for somewhat wider functionality. For example, Rombla has a number of templates available with 3-5 pages of designs already worked out. The use then goes in customizing  these starting designs with images, video, text blocks and menus. Its pretty intuitive and has a Dreamweaver 1.0 level of functionality which still puts it ahead of Sitegrinder.

On design ease of use, the familiairity of the Photoshop design space of SiteGrinder is a big plus. Users should try Rombla and then – and then  decide for themselves how much each eases Flash/Flex  Web development.

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  1. Personally I LOOOOOVE Sitegrinder! Been using it now for over two years on every one of my projects. Can’t beat not having to know code! :D I’ll definitely check out this Rombla and though. Always on the lookout for something new. Thanks a bunch! Adam

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