Please Take One Apple Tablet

Now I have said it before – whoever wins the race (open only to Apple, Microsoft, and maybe some Crazy Linux guys)to a gesture based tablet pc (with docking station) sweeps to the lead in PC market share. That is why iPhone and Leopard are so important to Apple; but Leopard gaffes in security and app un-availability smack of Vista and so are not to be lightly dismissed. Still Jobs Gals-n-Guys appear to have a lead on the GUI gesture software technology.
So the following is important too – strong rumors of an Apple Tablet.

The Apple Tablet for Take out?

Well the Apple Tablet appears to be a gadget being worked on – and so despite the “no delivery date or other delivery status info”, compared to the Microsoft box – this appears to be a leg-up for Cupertino. But never count Redmond down and out.

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