eWeeks Peter Coffee is write on Denmark with his remarks here about Java One. As Peter says “I hope to find that this weeks JavaOne will continue a pattern by being one of the highlights of my year. There are conferences marked by tension, notably those involving IT security; there are conferences marked by frustration, notably those that revolve around major products on continually slipping schedules. The JavaOne conference, year after year, seems dominated by what I can only call delight: a shared sense that this is the right technology, doing the right things in the right way, and creating so many opportunities that I can barely fit a representative sample into my tightly packed calendar this week. ”

I could not agree more – more interesting stuff is happening in the Java space than any other area of computing with the possible exception of the merger of Macromedia and Adobe. Peter calls it delights and I agree. There are great projects like amazing Open Source BI from Pentaho and J2ME from NetBeans; new stuff in Eclipse coming from Borland and Macromedia; JBoss and other hitting their J2EE stride; and SOA taking very interesting steps with Java-based SAP/NetWeaver, BEA, Oracle and Sonic among others; and even the desktop getting some nice surprises from Nexaweb.

And here is the nifty thing – its ten years of quiet but well earned competence – congratulations Sun and the Java development community.

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