Thanksgiving Gift

Well November has seen a small blessing, a ray of sunshine in an always growing darker month. The number of Gecko users nearly doubled to 16% of all Web browsers used on This is a most welcome trend. And the sample, out of 750,000 hits per month, is undoubtedly biased slightly against IE (but I do get a steady stream of viewers from 1 Microsoft Way). But nonetheless this is a welcome turn of events.

Now all you IE holdouts – give yourselves a Thanksgiving gift. Take the time on the holiday weekend to switch to Firefox (or Opera or Safari or Konqueror) – anything but the IE browser which Microsoft is defiantly saying it wont update until it suits its own purposes say in 2006 or 2007. The IE browser which when updated may turn out to be just a mole stuck on the face of Longhorn because all Microsoft is saying about the “new” IE is that it will be a part of the operating system. Anything but an IE browser still riddled with fundamental security flaws and …..

Ohh ….. sorry got carried away having to contemplate Microsoft foisting on users once brilliant but now “Just Good Enough” and rapidly becoming Junk software because it meets Redmonds strategic purposes and not users needs.

Choose Firefox, for example, because its fast, feature laden , and its safer. Choose Opera because its fast, doing neat things with tilable windows and gestures, and its safer. Choose Safari because it shows what can be done with a nifty UI and its safer. But dont choose Avant or CrystalPort or any of the IE clone browsers that have improved IEs feature set – but remain fatally flawed – they all use the IE engine and ActiveX controls that have proven porous to attack specifically because they can surrender various system privileges to hackers/attackers .

So add to your Thanksgiving and switch to a better browser – thanks.


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