Vista: Anti-People Ready ?

I have recently had problems posting ads on Craigslist for this blog – the article is Anti-People Ready in which I try to summarize some of the 7-8 reviews that I have read on Office 2007. I cant figure out (and Craigslist is not telling) why the ads have been pink slipped – pulled by Craigslist. The offending article is here.

Now there is a review by Wayne Rash at eWeek which would suggest that for updating your Windows XP system, Vista is also Anti-People ready. Read that continuing saga here. The simple fact of the matter is that in order to achieve their security and performance targets (???), Windows Vista demand that all drivers be rewritten – the old ones that worked in Win 98 through to Windows XP just wont cut the mustard. So this means the Windows Vista is probably less compatible with peripheral hardware than Linux and maybe even Apple Mac/OS. Yes, over time Vista will pull up some of it sox – but for many vendors thay are just not going to update older peripherals.

But its not just peripherals as Wayne discovers but also software.

So the net result is that Wayne makes the case for Vista being Anti-People Ready at least for updates … and maybe more broadly.

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