Windows 7 Performance versus Windows XP

All sorts of Windows 7 benchmarks are beginning to show up – and it appears, if ZDnet is to be believed, Windows 7 is a barn burner relative to Windows XP. Finally, the performance that was missing in Vista is to be rectified by Windows 7. In every one of 31 tests Windows 7, in its various beta and release candidate forms, appears clearly to best Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Ooops … some noise here – in the tests Windows Vista also beats out Windows XP according to ZDnet. Huhh ?? This is not what we have seen with a variety of performance tests with Adobe Photoshop, MySQL database and Open Office . Hmmm … whats going on here ? Maybe the use of a 4GB PC for Vista and Windows 7 but only 3GB for Windows XP for half the tests ? But no … with 1GB of RAM the order remained the same – purportedly Windows XP slowest and Windows 7 up a notch.

So I went to Google and started checking around for some confirming evidence of how fast Windows 7 would be. Well you guessed it – some other tests showing Windows XP still king of the performance hill and by some wide margins as seen here. Netbook tests here and then here show that Microsoft has been able to improve some  performance such that Windows 7 tops Windows XP; but that in most tests that Windows 7 cannot beat Windows XP on many common operations. Also I found tests showing that Windows 7 is bloated in memory usage vis a vis Windows XP but is at least less memory challenged than Vista. So what to make of these number?

Well I figure its is a case of liars figure. So I would recommend that you be a resident of Missouri regarding Windows 7 Performance. Oh and as for Windows 7 benchmarks from Redmond – think danger, Great Danger Will Robinson. This latter sentiment bespeaks of how thoroughly Microsoft has proceeded to ruin their Windows Brand, most often with their own PR.

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