XenSource Virtualization

I was looking to do some virtualization testing. So I took a look at the new XenSource 3.2 free trial download and was prepared to dual boot into my 750GB HP desktop running Windows Media XP. Then I ran across the following:

XenServer has two main parts:
*the XenServer Host, consisting of a Xen-enabled Linux operating system, a management agent, XenVM templates, and a local Storage Repository reserved for XenVMs. The XenServer Host must be installed on a dedicated x86 server. We do not support installing it to dual-boot with any other operating system.
*the Administrator Console, consisting of a remote Java client application. The Administrator Console must be installed on a remote machine that can connect to the XenServer Host through the network; it cannot run on the same machine as the XenServer Host.

Curses – foiled again!

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