Yahoo Enters Adsense

One of the problems for webmasters using website advertising is the overwhelming power of Google. They determine all the rules of the game – and users have a few choices like Chitika or Amazon – but there is really not a lot of leeway because Google sets the “standards”.

Well now Yahoo, perhaps seeking to dodge the Microsoft Borg Mauling, has launched its Yahoo Publishers Network as a rival to Google Adsense. As a web site developer I welcome this increase in competition because I have seen what small things like Chitikas add targeting and Amazons payment options have done – they have forced Google to respond. Not always immediately but eventually in time Google has had to respond. So with Yahoo now matching most of Google Adsense – I hope to see more options in the marketplace. This may be wishful thinking… but I can assure you I wont be the only Web developer searching through theYahoo Publishers Network beta offering plus term and conditions very carefully. YPN is currently only available for US companies; but simply the Yahoos presence may well benefit all website developers.

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