Background Pattern Generator

Greg Priday and his band of mighty WordPress coders has done it again. From their perch in CapeTown South Africa, Site Origins has made big waves in the world of WordPress plugins and themes. But now Greg and company has launched a Background Pattern Generator app that does this novel task in the SiteOrigin style, which is very well. The following series of background images tells the story:
[cycloneslider id=”bgen”] There are 6 options to control  background generation:

  • Pattern – there are about 50 basic patterns to choose from as basic starting point for the background;
  • Color – a full hue color picker allows maximum color choice and flexibility;
  • Blend – has about 30 setting for mixing the Color, Blend and other options, This option moves the background results profoundly;
  • Pattern Intensity – is a contrast slider from 0 to 100 which also move the background profoundly crossing the midway point
  • Noise – adds noise to the background. i was reluctant to use this because I expected it to ruin the most Background looks. Not so, go to SiteOrigins and see for yourself;
  • Generate @2x  – enlarges the underlying pattern by a factor of 2 and it some times works very well.

As you can see from the slideshow above it is very easy to generate quite a range of compelling backgrounds. I saved and used the White Sands pattern [setting the CSS background-image] for theOpenSourcery background. The only drawback to the app is that the response time between changes varies from 4 to 10 seconds. Also I would like to store up a number of changes, click a button and then see the net change. But, SiteOrigins free online Background Generator app is another winning tool from the folks at SiteOrigins.

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