Camtasia Studio:Reversal of Form

In a review of Adobe Premiere Elements, one of the best programs for creating business and home videos or image slideshows, I suggested that it could also be used to create fabulous program demos which document how a program works through video screen capture. I suggested all users had to do was use some video capture with Techsmiths superb Snagit – and then create the demo program in Adobe Premiere Elements.

Well I just downloaded Techsmiths Camtasia Studio 4 for a review of its screen video capture and demo documentation capabilities

– specifically its ability to produce videos of program use as well edited demos documenting how-tos and tips on best methods of using a program. But I also decided role reversal here was worth pursuing. So I used Camtasia Studio to do the Adobe Premiere Elements “Getting Started in Video Editing” tutorial. It passed muster without a hiccup. So then I decided to try creating an image slideshow with Camtasia Studio – again, no problem although Camtasia Studio does not have the same battery of transitions and effects available in Adobe Premiere Elements. But Camtasia Studio does have some nifty Flash-based interactivity plus quizzes and survey capabilities not found in Premiere Elements or other basic video editors.

Net conclusion? Software convergence is happening and in some strange places.

(c)JBSurveyer 2007
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