Google Android Taking Off

In a previous posting, I described the Tipping Point that Apple and microsoft are going through due to the huge success of Netbooks on the computing scene. The argument was that two factors – 1)the rise of non-MacOS nor Windows OS would be a factor both vendors would have to contend with and 2)the rise of smartphones, Web 2.0/Cloud Computing and other devices in both corporate and consumer usage would also bleed allegiance to the old standbys – Apple Macs and Wintel PCs.

Well a recent posting at All Things Digital (a Wall Street Joiurnal Blog) cites the super-rising of the former factor – Android appears to be taking off. Netbook vendors are, according to Google, more than “kicking the tires”.  Ditto for both mobile phone makers and service providers. However, the antidote for all these prognostications is from Google Watch which argues that CEO Eric Schmidt’s rosy words on Android may be a bit of Schmidt Scmoozing.  Intermediate is the Google rumor mill – such as Japanese and Korean interest in Android. I suspect that Google Android on Netbooks + Smartphones is providing indigestion in both Cupertino and Redmond.

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