Green Gadgets ?

Engadget has a great story about one of the most novel green gadgets that appeared at the CES show. I am surprised this was not at DODView – a pseudo Department of Defense exhibition where stuff == procurements for the $600 Billion US Defense budget get screened. Imagine having a power device that can run a PC on all the time for 2 weeks with one charge of methanol. Now where was  this device on those long 10++ hours flights to Tokyo, HongKong,  and Down-Under?

Okay, so it is still in prototype stage and nobody  wants to commit yet to the market.  But this DMFC-Direct methanol Fuel Cell technology is already being explored by Toshia and Samsung. So some vendors are going to get a DoD or RunzAnywhere flyer sooner if its truly practical … or not at all.

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