“I cudda been a contendah”

Some might say that Keep an Open Eye lacks exactly that regarding Microsoft and its products. However, history will show (do a Google on Jacques Surveyer) that this editor has been fulsome in his praise of Microsoft excellence as in the case of Visio, SQL Server and the promise of .NET among others. And for the record, this editor believes that Microsoft has some of the brightest, hardest working and fair-minded developers he has interviewed and worked with. Ditto for Microsofts managers with the exception of its top-most tier. Somehow the fair-minded DNA got badlymangled and mutated here and its currently working to the detriment of the company.

See the opinions below How Microsoft Lost its Developer’s Faith and Allegiance, The New Browser Wars, and A New Life for the PC ??? in which we detail aspects of Microsofts flawed strategy that dominant, 90%++ monopolies are essential to its success. But in this piece we look at three Microsoft software products that could have been killer applications but for the fact that in all three casesMicrosoft strategy dictates an implementation that is Windows-only and Microsoft-app-primarily. The result is that Microsoft development groups behind these products have to be satisfied with “I cudda been a contendah” instead having the real thing – a killer application.

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