I have been waiting patiently for Google Mail to support embedded images in emails for 5 years. But  now that Gmail has transitioned from beta to full time Google app – I have given up. I have switched my client to Mozilla Thunderbird – and what a relief! And the transition was so easy as Thunderbird made the connection to Gmail trivial.

Now I can embed images to my hearts content into emails – enabling me to make the visual point with much more clarity. In addition, Thunderbird supplies a number of other features including the ability to have a mail client for Blogs and RSS feeds, multiple email clients, immediate spell check and in several languages, plus more convenient address card settings. Another bonus the response time for filering and viewing messages is better than Web Based Gmail client. Finally the price is right – a free download here.As always – available from Mozilla in Linux, Mac, and Windows  and 20 language versions.

The one downside – if you have been with Gmail for any period of time; they download all those archived emails – literally thousands. So you may want to establish a new Gmail account and use that to connect with Thunderbird.

In short, this shows what will be happening in more apps that deliver true RAIA-Rich Anywhere Interface Applications. Such apps will be able to take advantage of the Web for connectivity and content but able also  to utilize the speed, power and running offline capabilities of desktop/laptop apps. I just hope Chrome OS makes a break through on the desktop.