JavaScript RAIA Demos

JavaScript as a contender for RIA usage is not readily contemplated. JavaScript appears to have  the same problem as server-based Web UI toolkits from ASP through JSF/JSP to PHP  and others  – if you want to deliver true RIA with user choice of online or offline operations – tools that are dependent on an online server to create and change an apps user interface … well Dead Man Walking comes to mind. Also many so-called RIA tools fall well short of universal browser and any OS platform support including mobile phones and embedded systems.

But JavaScript is not inherently PHP or JSP or any other dynamic server dependent. One does not have to depend on the the server to sculpt and modify the JavaScript for every downloaded page; JavaScript can handle all of that as Appcelerator, Google, Laszlo, and Nexaweb among others are actively pursuing. So as part of our move to more coverage of AJAX/JavaScript plus RIA toolkits we have strted to create a series of alternate Home Pages and/or mashups for Here are some of the samples.


The EXT.js desktop
looks and works like a Linux or Windows desktop with icons, movable and resizable Windows, and links to scores of resources on and other Web developers websites. Try it here – the response time is remarkably good and the interface is only flaky with Flash overlaps.

jQuery Dynamic Windows

jQuery is the APL of AJAX frameworks
– doing many operations with array manipulations. This makes jQuery code often very succinct and swift. Our mashup shows the dynamic nature of jQuery where more codecan be added dynamically to a page. Again, try it here and be sure to click the + signs in the header or footer to see the dynamic operation of the code.

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