Kudos to Larry Seltzer

Kudos to Larry Seltzer for naming names in the Phishing business in the US. I have been working diligently supplying PayPal, eBay, Security Bank, Washinton Mutual, and dozens of others with spoof email adresses just minutes after the attacks so they can locate the perpetrators and shut them down. Nothing much is happening. It is like a blackhole whose edge is spewing token notes of “we are aware of the problem .. but generally doing nothing”.

I get more PayPal and eBay phishing attacks then any other source. Ditto for my clients. So you can imagine the success I have had persuading those same clients to use eBay and PayPal services. Not Good business for me or Meg Whitman.

Now I recognize that many of these sites are offshore – but when they come from Interpol countries like France and Germany I expect some response. But perhaps it takes a clean up on the domestic shores first. Thus I applaud Microsofts legal action against domestic and foreign phishers. And I definitely applaud Larry naming the big names like Yahoo behind the ISPs allowing such criminal activities on their domestic and foreign servers.

Thanks again Larry.

(c)JBsurveyer 2005

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