Linux versus Vista: Best Review

Well Steven Vaughan-Nicholls at DesktopLinux has done a very good 1/3 of what I have been calling for – strong testing of Vista versus Apple MacOS/X, Linux and Windows XP. This is a candid and thorough review of Linux versus Vista:

Now so far Steven has done 3 installments most asociated with getting a new PC installed in dual boot mode with Vista and Linux. But already from this exercise three important facts are being illustrated with great evidence:
1)Vista is truly bloated demanding more hardware and memory than Linux or other desktop OS;
2)Vista continues the trend – Microsoft OS software is highest priced and by a wide margin;
3)Vista takes away a key Windows virtue – it no longer runs on any PC nor can it see all possible PC devices and peripherals.
This is the first of the Gold Standard Reviews of Vista – dont miss it. And in fact demand from PCWorld and PCMag and other Windows based trade press and/or blogger that they publish comparative reviews of Vista versus Windows XP. Likewise Mac users should expect from MacWorld and the Mac leaning trade press the same comparative coverage(identically the same hardware, dual booted) of MacOS/X versus Vista.

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