Ming the Merciless is after Flash

Read this commentary from Microsofts Joe Wilcox at the Microsoft Mix08 Web developers conference where IE8 was announced. That conference by the way had 28 sessions about Silverlight, eight about the new Expression Suite, 12 about IE and programming and none about IE8 in particular. B

But take your cue from the Silverlight numbers. Joe concludes that Microsoft is totally committed to taking out Adobes Flash/Flex/AIR despite the huge lead Flash has in the market right now. And evidence appears to bear that out. Microsoft is doing deals with a lot of content providers to get the SilverLight download numbers up – NBC and the Olympics, WWE, Major League Baseball, and Entertainment Tonight to name a few.

Joe also does not see the same will to succeed on the Adobe side. They are not pushing partnerships. More ominously they have yet to fully relize an effective plan to monetize Flash/Flex/AIR for themselves. I hate to admit it, but I think Joe is onto something. Ming the Merciless is coming to get Adobe … and they are ….

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