More Silverlight Smart Marketing

Darryl Taft argues that Microsoft has created a coup by securing the NBC Olympics as a Silverlight player presentation. Meanwhile the NYTimes sees the final CES Presentation by Bill Gates as hohum – including the Olympic Silverlight deal. However, my vote is with Darryl, this is a crafy way to get Silverlight downloaded and used by millions of users. So Microsoft will be able to lower if not minimize the Flash advantage of presence – reducing the RIA game to:
1)Runtime performance and ease of use of the RIA players;
2)Extent of desktop, mobile and browser support of RIA players;
3)Ease of development of RIA applications.
I suspect that Microsoft is betting that it can win 1) and 3) while the extent of desktop and browser support does not matter to Redmond in making Silverlight the RIA of choice.

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