NetBooks Action!

This blog has been saying that Netbooks and Smartphones is where all the most vigorous innovation and action is taking place in computing today . Need I say various Androids, Blackberries, iPhones and Palm Pre to sustain my position for Smartphones. But in the case of Netbooks it has been a case of take my word for it. No longer:
Information Week – 7 Netbooks that will surprise
Infoworld – netbooks hammer Windows revenues for 2nd quater in a row
Infoworld 2 – a long overview of Netbook trends
Microsoft Watch – Netbooks are a Menace
PCWorld – Top 10 Netbooks for Spring 2009
Wired – The Netbook Revolution (first major Netbook  citing)
So now the Apple and Microsoft tipping point arguments here have more substantiation.

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