Tom Yager at InfoWorld has gone and said it publicly. Something that really deserved saying for the past year or two. In fact recently there have been intimations that somebody would say it and soon …. but until Tom popped the words it remained, sadly, unsaid.

And what are those magic words ?

Write once, run everywhere .. NO kidding.

Toms article is about Oracles new JDeveloper and Oracle Application Server 10g combo. And if you read the piece , Tom has high and accurate praise for Oracles duo of tools. And in no small part because the tools are not just easy to use and cross platform but also open to use with other database and application server combinations. But if you look at Java IDE offerings from NetBeans and Eclipse and Borland and a growing number of other toolmakers, the same could be said for those tools as well. I personally like the choices of GUI layout options and database access methods in Borlands JBuilder; but my friends swear by Eclipse and my girl friend is a NetBeans addict. And I must admit , Sun and NetBeans warmed my spirits with their support for both Groovy and Jython as JVM enabled scripting languages by tightly linking them to NetBeans IDE for development.

And a whole range of major ISVs from BEA through Business Objects and IBM to Plumtree and Siebel are using Java developed servers and client systems in very novel ways. Java flourishes on mobiles and embeddeds – and in generated systems as well as hand-crafted. In sum, Java because it has delivered on open and cross platform, ” write once, run everywhere” has in the process become the development place to be. Thanks Tom, for saying it – and loud and clear.

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