Obama on Open Source

Now it would seem the best thing you could have is No Politics in IT….ooops an oxymoron. But the Democratic presidential campaign appears to have “roiled up the ODF versus Open XML waters” with Presidential hopeful Barack Obama appearing to give solace to ODF. Now I can see the IT pundits waxing rhetorical – “last thing we need is a political amateur getting into our Open Source cockfights”. Actually, the fundamental problem wracking IT right now is the simple fact that IT consistently means inevitable and often profound changes on how an organization works – in every political, social and economical sense of those words. And countless organizations Top Managements keep ducking their heads on this fact.

You know when they say in Project Management guides “you will need the visible support of top management” – they dont mean all of the time but they do mean well-informed, vitally interested and showing exactly so at key stages of a project cycle. Now be honest – are you getting such support?

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