Screen Sharing Manifesto

Jon Udell has written another column that is spot on …. Simple, single-purpose screen sharing. Its all about trying to collaborate over the Web using screen sharing and collaborative conferencing software. You know the Adobe Breeze or Lotus Sameplace or Microsoft Net Meeting or Webex MeetMeNow or whatever. Somehow we just cant seem to share a screen despite ample DSL bandwidth that has been tested on YouTube more times than I care to acknowledge.

Jon says it best:
“There’s one thing I wish screen-sharing systems would do well: screen sharing. I watch a lot of demos projected to my computer. It’s always a struggle, both for the presenter and for me. Windows or Mac? IE or Firefox? Who has the latest version of the client? Who’s the host? Which application is shared? Can you see my screen? While we answer these questions, the first five or 10 minutes of the meeting swirl down the drain.”

Amen amen amen – been there, done that, and way too many times at 2.6GHz, 2GBytes of memory and 3.0Mbps++ connections.

And Jons solution is right on. KISS – keep it simple and basic on both sides of the Net. Make the basic screen sharing rock solid, the core that always works. Like Jon I will be interested in readers who have found systems that work all the time on simple Web screen sharing demos. Let us know: Jon is here and I am sometimes here.

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