Switch to Firefox Gets Easier

The switch to Fire fox gets easier 5 ways:
1)Business is starting to make the migration to Firefox in a big way as detailed by Information Week here. Wh
2)The download and auto-updates of Firefox are so easy. Try here.
3)The new Firefox 3 is much faster especially in JavaScript execution which is so important with Web 2 apps from Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Zoho, and others. See 5x speedier than IE, 3x speedier than Firefox 2 here.
4)Firefox 2 still beats the upcoming IE8 in features and standards support – see Quirksmode for latter – while Gartner is warning that IE8 may break many Web apps.
5)Firefox has Firebug now – the best Web 2.0 debugger in the business.

Isnt it time you made the switch?

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