I have been arguing that the Web 3.0 train has already started to leave the station with the significant advances that are coming fast in the RAIA arena – think Adobe Flash/Flex/AIR (especially AIR), Java with JavaFX and inherently in J2ME and JApplet extensions, and a wavering on interoperability (no cross OS desktop standalone capability like AIR and Java) from Microsoft known as Silverlight . But the Semantic Web with RDF, OWL, and metadata has been all talk and no show. Until Twine.

Twine is the first browser aware but standalone application that starts to move on tags, metadata, and data integration in an interesting way. Because Twine knows people, sites, and many other Web and data objects – and can apply tags to them – interesting discovery, sharing, and collaboration activities are possible.

Now I was wondering why Google revealed its JotSpot as Google Sites so recently. Actually there were other players on the Wiki scene; but Facebook, OfficeLive, LinkedIn and Myspace also have to watch out because the basic engine behind Twine sits right on what a lot of these sites users really want to do.

So it is nice to see the Semantic Web finally join the RAIA presentation revolution that is Web 3.0 coming to your browser with expanding, disruptive and one might say Schumpterian capabilities over the next few years. I will try to keep you posted.

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