Imagine you are the Chief Technology Officer at Google Search or Microsoft Bing or Yahoo Search. You have to go to over 1 Billion websites with an average of about 250 pages per website = 250 Billion web pages and you have to rank or value those website’s content in over 100 languages for 2.4 billion users.SEO – Search Engine Optimization is really about how Search Engines from Bing, Google, Yahoo and half a dozen other major search engines  rank automatically and algorithmically all these billions of web pages annd their contents. You, as Web site owner and promoter, will be interested in how search engines do these rankings when they respond to users search requests for 3 primary reasons:

1)75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results;
2)91% of the CTR -Click Through Rate on a search come from the 1st page of a search;
3)search rankings are not the only factor – but they are the highest factor in determining website traffic.

But in general, as the SEO presentations below will show, Web presence and traffic is determined by a complex set of  multiple-factors which vary with a website’s design and purpose.

So here are  2 SEO presentations that define the state of website promotion art. The first is from SearchEngineLand and advances the  point of view that website value is broadly based on  nearly 20 positive factors. But the search engine vendors, in trying to curb website ranking manipulation & “sculpting”, have lowered  page rankings when they discover any of a half a dozen credibility damaging factors.
[slideshare id=24743889&doc=periodic-20table-20guide-20to-20seo-20by-20search-20engine-20land-130729173717-phpapp01]

The second presentation looks at state of the 2015 art in SEO. It attempts to identify the factors that will change as search engine vendors constantly refine their algorithms. Google, with 60% market share, leads the way in trying to curb search engine abuses. Penguin is a specialized crawler program that seeks out and penalizes comment and content spammer links used to increase website ranking artificially. Panda is a Google designed crawler program that penalizes sites that use Content Farms  to promote 3rd party websites. In sum, Google and also Bing are taking ever more comprehensive steps to eliminate page ranking cheaters.
[slideshare id=39156814&doc=whatmarketersneedtoknowaboutthechanginglandscapeofsearch-140916121357-phpapp02] However, this second presentation also underlines the move to mobiles, to wearables, and to AI routines and how they will effect search results.

In sum, the world of website design and promotion are going through sea changes once again – the cycle of Web innovation continues unabated and SEO sees the same scope of changes too.