Vista II Becomes Windows 7

Here is what eWeek is saying about the new Windows 7 revealed at Microsofts PDC conference this last week. Now remember Windows 7 is not due out until late 2007:

Windows 7 Is a Big Improvement Over Vista
Review: Microsoft Windows 7 is a less ambitious offering than Vista, but more realistic goals is just what Microsoft needed. With its new features and improved performance, Windows 7 seems like a better version of Vista rather than a major step forward

The slideshow at eWeek shows a lot of small fixes that should have been in Windows XP let alone Windows Vista – but the crucial issues are speed, performance, speed, and performance – oh and memory bloat also.

Judging by the gaping performance lag between Vista and Windows XP to Win Xps decided advantage – Job 1, 2, and 3 in Redmond is going to be getting much better performance and much less bloated memory usage from Windows. This is Window 3.x to Windows 95 revisited. I hope in that spirit the Justice Antitrust Department revisits the Consent Agreement and asks why OEM hardware providers are failing to offer consumers the same downgrade deals that they are offering business users. Why cant I go to any Best Buy or other Electronics Box store and get the Windows XP downgrade pre-installed on the PCs I want to buy ???

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