Vistas Slow, Torturous Demise

My previous posting on Virtual Windows Substitute is based on one major assumption – that Microsoft Windows Vista is a really unfinished and bloated. By bloated ;we specifically mean that Windows Vista requires 2 times the memory , disk and other resources that Windows XP requires for equivalently prompt and functionally capable PC desktop operation. Make than 2.5 times MacOS Leopard and anywhere from 3 to 5 time various versions of Linux. During the course of the next few weeks I will be supporting this argument with testimonials from the trade press. Here is the March 3, 2008 installment.

10) Microsoft execs knew about Vistas problems at launch …. – yet another lawsuit on Microsoft software, what does Vista Capable mean ?

9)The Vista price cuts are not the solution to the problem….according to Directions on Microsoft analyst

8)Microsoft cuts price on Vista by “upto” 50%. Well only in certain developing countries. And not quite right away …

7)Microsoft has fumbled already the Vista SP1 release.

To encourage confidence in the IT world, especially enterprise shops, Redmond has to have a flawless release of Vistas Service Pack 1. Looks like “not exactly”. Not only has Redmond slipped on SQL Server 2008, but Windows Server 2008 appears to have performance problems (see point 6 immediately below)and now there is the serious fumble of Vista SP1this exactly what Redmond did not want to do on this critical Vista Service Pack. Something is Rotten In Redmond… a continual stream of slip ups, good thing the Visual Studio 2008 gals and guys hit their schedule on the button. And my broker is telling me to buy MSFT. It really looks like the “Yahoo buy” is a diversionary tactic.

6)The Vista in Windows Server 2008 appears to be slowing it down significantly.

Alexa shows that the main Microsoft website, is 75% slower than most websites at 4.3 seconds page load average. Netcraft shows that is constantly switching between Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. . In contrast, Microsofts ,which runs Microsofts search engine, is running Windows Server 2003 exclusively and at 2.5 seconds page load average according to Alexa. In contrast Google is running at 1.2 seconds average page load time and is faster than 80% of all websites and about twice as fast as Microsofts search engine. According to Netcraft, Google is running Linux and unknown as its OS.

5)Why People Hate Vista Note at

Infoworld is sponsoring the Save XP Campaign and in the process they are getting some clear feedback. Even Gartner is starting to take note: “Microsofts overzealous schedule in replacing XP with Vista has exacerbated resistance to change, said Michael Silver, a research vice president at Gartner. The company had originally planned to discontinue XP sales on Dec. 31, 2007, just 11 months after Vista was made available to consumers and 14 months after it was made available to enterprises. The date for new license sales to end is now June 30. In practice, XPs consumer availability ended for many users even sooner — just six months after Vistas release — since storefront retailers Best Buy and Circuit City and most computer manufacturers Web sites stopped selling XP-equipped computers in July 2007. Typically, Microsoft has given customers two years to make such a transition, Silver noted. ”

4)Our own article: Vista is Anti-People Ready has stood the test of time.

An ad for this note got kicked off with no explanation… no explanation required.

3)Toms Hardwares massive XP versus Vista performance bench gives XP the advantage.

This is a comprehensive benchmark, similar to what Steven Vaughan-Nichols did at Desktop Linux. The results are clear that on performance alone XP gives nothing away to Vista and is steps ahead in many areas.

2)Eweek Sees Microsoft Already Disavowing Vista – February 2, 2008 and 2 more months of winter here

Now this report caught my attention because I ran across the same Windows 7 pronouncements and thought the same thing. What the heck is Microsoft up – promoting such distant futures. But the problem is that he new , improved, slim-and-trim Windows 7 is due in 2010… but remember Jim Allchins moving promises on the delivery of Longhorn/Vista. And now MS is betting $45B on Yahoo and surely more antitrust action either from Europe or a new DOJ under say John Edwards in 2009. But the fundamental problem is that MS is shafting consumers with Vista while businesses stand firmly on the sidelines. The real key decision will come up in early July when availability of XP is supposed to terminate

1)Joe Wilcox – Microsoft Watch – Jan 26th, 2008

Now to be sure Joe Wilcox has not come out and said that Windows is a pig – but his recent commentary on the frenzy of the Windows community over next generation Windows 7 due out in 2010 certainly implies it explicitly. What is Windows 7 chief virtue ? – it is a complete rewrite of Vista on much more lean and mean lines. The whole Windows community is greeting this as salvation to come. Case closed.

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