Drag and drop design of Web pages has been elusive – Borland had a product way back when with IntraBuilder which was quite good- but perhaps was too far ahead of its time. Now Adobe Dreamweaver, the leading Web Design tool sort of skirted with drag and drop design elements but never really supported it full time. Now there have been two tools released that are definitively changing the game – EXTjs GUI Designer . Note the above is a Web based test version – tere is a stand alone Win, Mac, Linux full feature version[for purchase details see here]. THe EXTjs Designer uses its own   very capable framework. Another new Web IDE is  Xara Web Designer 6 which integrates many mashables and 3rdparty widgets. But clearly the era of good drag and drop Web Page Design is here.

I have not had a chance to review the EXTjs Designer in its final production  form but will do so as soon as possible.