Who Is This Rabble Rousing IT Website?

Who is responsible for these articles on Friday July 17th 2009? They certainly do not mince words or pull punches. One flatly asks Google where is the economics behind Chrome OS? A good question as Chrome OS or Google Android certainly could take a big chunk of Netbook  OS market share. And Netbooks in turn are the only PC category that is growing as desktop and full-size laptop sales either decline or just manage to stay neutral. Is Google engaged in a “cut-off the oxygen play” like Microsoft did unto Netscape a dozen years ago?

And the headline “Apple is Throwing Away the Netbook opportunity” and accompanying story is a)reminiscent and b)refreshingly frank for an IT rag. And the question asked of ICANN’s unlimited domains strategy are worth noting.

So who is doing this uncharacteristic IT rabble rousing – showing no respect for the IT powers that be? It is eWeek …. no not but the British version, They have many of the stateside writers like Jim Rapoza and Cameron Sturdevant plus a host of local blokes. But best of all eWeekEurope has real editorial pluck in contrast to the kid-glove and PR enmeshed meanderings of their North American counterparts.

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