Why I Hate Rebates

Here is the reason why I hate computing hardware and software rebates:
Now this looks innocent enough – but I bought the software and sent in the rebate request back in September of 2005.

So you can imagine what reception the current Adobe software offers with rebates are going to get. And Dell is upping the amount and ante into the $200 range for some of its laptops here in Canada. Face it marketing guys and gals – rebates are no deal not just because of the long delays, further delaying requests for information, and general nuisance for all the items you have to include to get the rebates. No the clincher is the probability that the rebate will actually be delivered:

This notice of delivery is the first received from five outstanding rebates I am still waiting on. And Adobes agents havent actually delivered me a check. Rebates are customer rip offs with about a 1 in 5 chance of getting delivered and then after great duress.

And hey Adobe, you may appreciate our business – but I emphatically do not appreciate your business practices. In general IT vendors, we dont need this sort of “good grief”. Time to clean up your marketing practices.

(c) JBSurveyer 2006

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