WiMax:The Great Disruption

WiMax represents the next great Disruption in IT and communications technology. And ttue to its name it will be massive. Here are 4 different views on WiMax:
Ciscos view – Trying to reduce the alarm bells within the telecom and mobile communities
David Courseys opinion – he appears to be not far off the mark
MCIs Point of View – highly recommmend this overview
Intels Viewpoint – gearing up with chips to implement WiMax products for 2005-2006 intro.
Why will WiMax be a great disruptor. Because in the US and other areas of the developed as well underdeveloped world neither Cable nor DSL have been able to deliver broadband access to the Web effectively to a wide range of customers. WiMax will be able to do so and with massive in-bandwidth and adequate out-bandwidth and at a lower cost. Or that is the promise. This year will see the first installatiuon of WiMax at the sametime as competing 2.5G and 3G technologies are rolled out in the US and other parts of the World.

Ever since the Mosaic browser communication technology has really been the dominate innovative realm. Thus articles like HBRs IT Does Not Matter or RedHerrings MooresLaw Tyranny or WallStreet Journals Utility Computing model all have the wrong perspective – looking from inside the glass skyscraper and strictly the business IT perspective for innovation. But business has pulled in its horns and gone deflationary. It simply does not believe it can find enough talent to get distinct competitive advantage with IT – its having enough trouble just managing IT. So smaller organizations and consumers are leading the IT innovation. But of course this is often off the well trod path … and so there is even less radar coverage of emerging trends. So users will have to do their own due diligence and track the majors and minors in the world of WiMax over the next two years and see if and how the promise gets delivered.

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