WMF – What? Microsoft Fumbles Security Again

Larry Seltzer writes for Microsoft .. uhh, for eWeek about Security. These days more than half his columns have Microsoft security problem content. But heretofore, Larry has been delivering fairly upbeat stories on Redmond. Larry has been saying (and others too see here and here), remarkably like Microsoft PR itself, that Microsoft Security has improved, the new code is getting better and responsiveness has improved considerably.

Then the ship hits the fan … Microsoft delays fixes on the very serious WMF security flaw for over two weeks. Larry has not been amused and says so explicitly here. I think it is telling that over two years ago Bill Gates was saying that the whole Windows security problems and responsiveness would be turned around in 8 months time. Well if Google gets into the PC business and Appletel comes out in a timely and feature-full manner, users will get to vote with their dollars on what type of PC systems and support they want.

(c)JBSurveyer 2006

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