In a review in December of last year, this website reviewed 4 plugins that helped control the Nuisance Nags that plague many WordPress admin pages.
In the end  Admin Notices Manager was recommended.  Since then the Nuisance Nags  have gotten even worse. On my websites I was seeing 3-5/page accumulate each week. So the Admin Notices Manager was recommended to client and WordPress Meetup attendees  because it captured all the notices and allowed users selectively read and then discard them as appropriate. Story over..until an update was posted this last week that crashed websites with 500 errors.

To kake matters worse the WordPress auto plugi update mechanism, if enabled, proceeded to crash websites using the plugin and the plugin auto-update feature. Now this developer has been leery of turning on auto-updates and only allows it for major plugins that have so many users that theirrelease checks reducethe chance of releasing “crashing code”.

However, for smaller and primarily testing websites, the auto-updates feature was turned and with consequences. Nearly a dozen websites  crashed. Fortunately within 2 days the bad upgrade was replaced by the 1.3.1 version of Admin Notices manager.

Lesson Learned

The WordPress auto-update feature for plugins and themes has to be employed carefully. The rule of turning on auto-updates only for large plugin and theme vendors is solid. Obeying that rule when bulk switching the auto-update rule on-off  is so easy to do is not so easy. Readers are forewarned.