2 XML Birds

It is always a pleasure when you can kill two birds with one stone. That is what happened recently when I was reviewing XML software tools to solve some XSLT coding problems. I needed a tool that couls speed up processing into reports some of the large XML files that were getting delivered by the latest AJAX applications – but which did not present a respectable reporting option. More on this later. So as I went out prospecting I ran across the Oxygens XSLT Editor. And in the process of getting my XSLT problems fixed I ran across the Oxygens Xquery – part of the same download:
Messing around I discovered that Oxygens XML Editor also had a n XQuery debugger that helped solve a thorny XML query problems. In a matter of one day I was able to solve two rather prickly problems all at once and all part of the same 30 day trial. Let me tell you I was pleased as punch.

What makes Oxygen even more interesting is its Java based both as a standalone and as an Eclipse plugin. Being Java based it runs on Linux, Mac and Windows. Not to shabby and worth a look if you are doing any XML processing.

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