A Sematic Web Primer

A Semantic Web Primer by G. Antoniou and F van Hermelen – MIT Press, 2004
The Web and the PC Networks have steadfastly resisted Repositories and Metadata systems. The only exception may be the Wikipedia and the various Google, Yahoo and other search engines. But an activeclassification of knowledge bundles beyond simple tagging as in digital photography sites like Flickr, Picasam Fotki and the ilk – It just not happening.

Even the bigboys of Redmond couls not get their vaunted Repository off the ground. And IBM, UniSys, and others have tried just to get a system of IT data cataegorized. So the Seantic Web Primer comes as a welcome reminder of how useful it indeed would be to have XML, RDF, and OWL take off. The problem is that no open, attractive , and efficient dispersal vehicle has been found to date. Perhaps, the new software will be an exception.

Meanwhile – this is short, efficient and sweet – describing how RDF and OWL in particular can be quite useful in starting toward more informed and effective knowledge surfing.

Kudos to MIT Press for launching this book.

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