About Facebook Browser Opportunity

Microsofts IE6, even powered with Yahoo and other tab oriented editors, just cannot run Facebook at all(bitter experience but try and see if you can find some substitutes). This is a serious problem for Microsoft because IE6 still has 28% market share on my website . Also because it shows how much Web 2.0 development is being done on CSS/JavaScript machines (especially Firefox with its savvy Firebug editor). And finally because IE7 does not work well in Vista.

Net result – I expect to see IE market share to drop below 60% by roughly November end of 2007. And with no update until mid 2008 at best to IE8 (and God knows what will be in that – Microsoft is back to ultra-secretive), the better browsers – Firefox, Opera , and Safari are sure to pick up even more users in the year. Try any one – they have better functionality and are definitely faster than IE.

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