AI Writing Tools – Aint Going To Change My Style

AI Writing and Music tools have an early and deep presence in savvy AI usage. And as a  Yoast user in WordPress and Grammerly with Office being a constant companion one can say this scriber is not exactly a Wordcraft Virgin. But ChatGPT has suddenly inserted real muscle into the auto-generation of paragraphs, presentations, and paraphrase production. Face it – the pledge to saying “Aint Me” to having my writing style hijacked by a darn fool clever  AI Tool – this will be a George Santos stretch.

What will make abstaining from using AI Writer Apps hard is the sheer volume and range of tools available. Check out the G2 List of 52 AI Scripters or the Renaissance List of 25 promising writing tools. At last count, there are over 200 Wannabe Writing Assistants.  So the first task is to classify AI Writing tools into feature and cost categories. Here are our classifications which will hopefully be helpful.
Text, Audio, and Music Craftings stem from the long AI work with words as sounds and tones.
Word and Grammar Playthings  are steeped in spelling, punctuation, grammar, and text styling
Prose Pampering starts with good grammar but adds paraphrasing, tone, and phrase rewrites.
AI Generators create blog posts with images/videos, landing pages, and full Media Postings  What follows is a  list of writing tools by category, features, and pricing.[ninja_tables id=”12644″]

Here are the best tools in each of the categories.

Audio and Music Witchcraft.

This category includes all the AI tools used to denoise, smooth out speech, and even generate text-to-speech. On the music side, there are many tools to “refine” musical presentations.

Text generators are the most expensive of the AI Writing Tools because the task of filling in the story with the correct tone and content based on user-supplied hints/directives is frankly challenging. Multiple retries are not uncommon. However, the review of tools uncovered a wide range of costs given scores of AI Text Generators literally to help clarify the decision we list tools in a table with key links, categories, key features, and pricing.

Copymatic has 30 story gen tools for ideas, outlines, intros  paragraphs to full essays supported by grammar and plagiarism checker, smart editor, & specialty tools Cost is currently $15/month
WriteCream generates voiceovers, images, blog outlines, copy paraphrasing, and summaries. social media styed copy in 70 languages with emergency tools emails and customer response. Chrome-based freemium, Pro costs $9/month

Like Copymatic, Writecream sports a dashboard, smart editor, and GUI interface.
INKforall – has generation features [Command and Compose mode AI Writing in 20 languages using AI Best rival text scan, and AI Image gen], rephrasing recipes[IN 21+ languages, 10 voice tones, 100+ precleared templates, build your own recipes], SEO Optimizations[SEO Keyword & Semantic Analysis, 360 Competitor Survey, Missing Topics Discovery, SEO Meta Data, Audience Sentiment Analysis], Content Planning improvement[Keyword Research and Clustering, Click Cost and Competitivenes]. 5-day free trial$39/month Pro plan.

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