There is a podcast at the Ajaxian blog with Ben Galbraith  and Dion Almaer,  entitled the Audible Ajax. They talk about the State of Ajax and  address the following issues:

  • IE8 and standards – they are so grateful for anything that Microsoft puts in IE8 that get closer to standards that is positively embarrassing to listen to
  • Acid3 testing  – they are skeptical that this is a valid and useful test
  • Server side JavaScript vs. polyglots – they  spar here as to the burden of polyglot knowledge
  • Fluid and GreaseKit – they are intrigued by possibilities here
  • The meaning of the Open Web  – they are resigned to division and thus  pragmatic about the nature of the Open Web – “if Silverlight had real innovation I would consider chaining myself to the Microsoft platform”. And they reconsider Java for Web applications but alas Sun has no money.
  • Hear it all here.