Attention Developers, Developers, Developers

I dont have to write this stuff – Redmond does it for me. So now attention Developers, Developers, Developers – here is how Microsoft may very well treat you if you are in a market Redmond wants to own – in this case Windows client and server security software. Now remember, McAfee, Symantec and dozens of others have been rescuing Microsofts bacon for over a dozen years by providing security software on the client. Here is there reward:
First, Microsoft entry into your market – watch out Adobe your PDF and Flash are next on the list
Second, closing access to software – “McAfee, Symantec and other security software companies argue Microsofts new Vista operating system will make it more difficult to protect customers because for the first time, they have been denied access to the core of the operating system.” – Overview of article in eWeek shows restricted access to info/software previously open.
Third, make working with MS Vista and other software more restrictive – Why bite the hands and eyes that have kept your OS at least semi-secure. One of the advantages of Open Source is more eyes able to track security and reliability problems. Apparently Microsoft is confident it can do it all now.
Fourth, ignore industry consensus. IT Wrestles with Microsoft Monoculture Myopia – eWeek points out how having one viewpoint and source has made Microsoft vulnerable to security attacks.

So now attention Developers, Developers, Developers. Expect Microsoft to play nice with you until they want to deliver your product or service. Then Redmond of its own admission “plays hardball” including deciding exactly how they are going to use their bats and balls on you.

(c)JBSurveyer 2006

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