CMS Watch

I have been doing a lot of CMS installations of late and I am amazed at the continued quality improvements. The following is the screenshot associated with osCommerce, a good commerce website with very nice features for setting up your web business including categories, products, shopping cart, shipping module, and support for Paypal plus 20 […]

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Addendum on AJAX

AJAX is getting a lot of attention with the likes of, and Google Mail already changing the landscape of what can be done with greater speed and yet retain GUI richess while working in the relatively familiar JavaScript/HTML/CSS/XML/DOM world that is DHTML. We have raised big view issues and AJAX is far from

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Heck of a Good Review

Mike Heck and Infoworld deserve top marks for doing an old fashioned, comprehensive and good review of the Portal Software and 7 of the major players there: BEA Portal Server, IBM Webphere Portal, Microsoft SharePoint Portal, OracleAS Portal 10g, Plumtree Suite, Sun Java Portal, Vignette Application Portal are all covered in great depth. In fact

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