CSI Member’s Excellent Website:

Evergreen is another HTML5 website that tracks the many policies associated with Evergreen  and the associated leisure time activities at the Evergreen Brickworks.

Evergreen follows  in the style of  excellent CSI Member’s websites. Its mission is clearly declared on the opening page, the navigation is easy to follow and the website is chock full of news items and alerts on the latest events at Evergreen. This is especially useful as Evergreen makes a transition from being the sponsors of the Evergreen Brick Works, a mid Toronto city leisure time gathering place  to an advocate of city social planning. you can see it in the changes to the website in just 4 months time:

It is the same major headline mission; but the subtitling changes and elaborates the idea generation mission. And this can be seen in the policy discussions and news items that hit the front page. But there has been a reaction.

With all the change Evergreen has slipped down from a Website.Grader rating of 84 earlier this year  to a current  79.   Website.Grader scores of  24/30 for speed, 30/30 for mobile readiness, but a slip to 15/30 for SEO status, and 10/10 for security adds to an overall website rating of 79/100. Despite the poor SEO score Evergreen achieves a mammoth backlink record: 1600 domains pointing over 21,000 backlinks to Evergreen. nd the results are obvious:
Look where Evergreen Brick Works sits in a Google search – top of the list. Ditto for Evergreen Bricks [or Brick]. Only in the case of Evergreen does the Google search results drop off – is still at the top but the Structured Description no longer shows. Also these are searches done in Toronto. I suspect searches done in Seattle or Vancouver would be different.

Evergreen does two things – provides a substantial look into the overall city dwelling social policy with a broad set of presentations and news on the topic. At the sametime, there is still ample support for the Evergreen Brick Works website. However at some future date the Brick Works already 3 levels deep on its menu-items [making navigation clumsy] may want to spawn off  to being a separate website.

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