Dockable Tablet: Motion CL900

Since dockable tablets get no respect, Ye Editor thought a striptease might be appropriate for the Motion CL900 tablet. Yes, Engadget and PCWorld had a story on the Motion CL900 but in general the coverage was cursory as Android tablets got the  most attention. So here are the CL900 specs in a slow, revealing strip:
– 1.5GHz Intel Atom Processor using latest Oak Trail power-saving technology
– Battery life of up to 8 hours with 4 to 1 recharge time [2 hours to full rechargee ] – 2.1lbs in weight for portable use on the go
– 10.1 inch screen delivers 1366 x 768 bright
– multi-touch screen plus digital pen input
– Rear facing 3.0 MP camera and front facing 1.3 MP web camera
– HDMI output at 1080p for  video
Looks like a juiced up tablet, but not extraordinary given  CES2011 tablet previews.

But now lets toss these little details off …
– Ruggedized body can withstand 4′ drop while sealed tight against moisture, dust, chemicals
– Screen  is ultra strong Gorilla Glass impervious to puncture and wear
– Inputs with voice activation allows hands off operation  or by pen allows handwriting to text
And the CL900 is not only well connected but has some provocative features …
– local WiFi and Bluetooth connections with WWAN Internet connectivity
– slots everywhere inclusing SD  and SIM card, audio in/out, video out, USB
– Solid State Hard Drive at 32GB or 62 GB
And we have yet to hit the big stuff – Click Here for the Big Reveal

Yes I promised a spectacular and teasing ending and what about this one!Despite the bloat of Windows 7 I suspect not just businesses but also a lot of consumers will want to climb aboard because the CL900 offers a familiar OS operating environ with the added attraction of mobility, touch ease of use plus a dual mode of operation – familiar docked conveniences like keyboard, mouse and large screen with the option of detached and ruggedized portable operation. So the features of the CL900 are really quite enticing and if Motion is able to deliver tablets in early Spring as promised in sufficient quantity and reliability, this Austin Texas company has the makings of a hit show!

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