As promised I am updating readers on the penetration of Firefox alone on my two websites – the and They have been averaging 1.2 million and 180k hits per month. And the the web analytics on browser usage show 20.1% and 22.2% are Firefox Gecko browsers. Now as in the past, my numbers seem to be skewed slightly higher the national and international usage rates by about 1-3% points depending on whose numbers you want to believe.

But also it appears my Firefox usage rate is a darn good leading indicator as to where browser usage will be in the coming months. And the recent review of Firefox at eWeek by Jim Rapoza gives the straight goods on the high quality and ease of use of the browser. Let me add that Firefoxs much broader support of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DOM and SVG make it much more likely it will reproduce all the new AJAX based applications more faithfully than the new IE7 which is still remiss on meeting 1997 let alone 2006 CSS, JavaScript, DOM, and SVG standards (and we have not said a word about IEs proprietary extensions which require a Win XP or Vista OS).

But also take a look at the the following 12 added reasons to move to or update with Firefox 2. The bottom line is that you can do a lot better than IE for browsing – Firefox is notably better and its only a 5-7 minute download and install.

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