Ford MyTouch Helps Multi-passenger Commuting?

The Ford MyTouch in-car display and travel computing integrator has certainly garnered attention.

CNET gave it a CES 2010 Best in Show  award while the NYTimes also found it distractingly praise worthy – but that is part of the problem, will MyTouch, despite its touchscreen and voice command/reading capabilities be the source of greater fenderbenders? I have another viewpoint. The less noted capability of  MyTouch support WiFi hotspot technology could have a very positive benefit – encouraging mul;ti-passenger per car commuting. Now as one drives,  2-3 others can connect to the Web, get their email, or check a report. Yes, this is dependent on Wifi delivery along the length of a commute and smartphones and netbooks alreadyhave these capabilities. But the strength of hotspot routers like Sprint Nextel’s Overdrive are really quite good. I am hoping that MyTouch  or  GM’s optional  Wifi enablement takes off so they acts as a catalyst for  getting GO Transit to put in mobile Wifi Hotspots in their commuting trains -so then the commute to work can be more than a Sudoku puzzle or Crossword trek.

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