FOSSHub Discoveries: WinDirStat

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The screenshot above shows some of the free open source graphic software packages available for Linux, Mac and Windows use. Note not all of the software is available for all 3  major operating systems. But all of the packages have the following characteristics:
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In short FOSSHub is your place to go to get free Open Source Software not encumbered with any malware and no download hassles. With that in mind we shall be featuring some of the software we have found on FOSSHub  which may be of interest to TheOpenSourcery readers.


For the pat 30 years I have been looking for a Windows program that would allow me to quickly see the size of the folders and the files in those folders in order to manage my PC’s datafiles. That is exactly what WinDirStat-Windows Directory Statistics does. Mission finally accomplished. Better still WinDirStat displays the data both  in a tree structure file layout and  in a large, color coded datagrid or treemap formatted as  seen below:

So I have two main drives on my PC – the C: drive is 250GB of SSD drive space – very fast and where Windows and its program fie are located. The D:drive is 1TB of spinning disk space which has all my application data including  images, videos, business files, documents, etc. I have to work hard to prevent the C: drive from becoming too clogged with programs – 65-75% full starts to see slow downs in performance. The other problem  to avoid is fragmenting the free space so finding a large enough data blocks does not become a problem.

WinDirStat is geared up to assist in both problems. The program has some key features. First. as can be seen in the screenshot, WinDirStat shows where blocks of code are located. Right sidebar lists the color  color mapping  to file type. So all app programs are colored red whereas Javascript file are in  cyan,  and Winzip files in yellow, etc. The color cues are useful  in quickly spotting where data is stored on the drive. And for viewing a specific folder with File Explorer just click the corresponding – this is the way I find ,png and ,jpg files in a hurry.

Likewise WinDirStat has a fast link to the Command Line prompt if you are doing system configuration and need to interact with the Command Shell. Instead of using free tools like Atom or Visual Code, I find assets with WinDirStat and then call up the Command Line which is immediately parked in the correct directory. Like using, WinDirStat in general, this is a time as well as disk space saver. But as always, be careful with WinDirStat – you can wipe out essential files  with limited recovery resort unless you use the powerful free tool Recuva.

This brings up the the issue of cross plat form support – WinDirStat is a free, open-source disk usage analyzer and cleanup software for Microsoft® Windows®.  But Mac® OS X® users should use Disk Inventory X or GrandPerspective alternatives. Linux users should try KDirStat. In general, FOSShub is a welcome step away from the mess that CNet has become. And WinDirStat is so good it is also Donate Immediately software [there is a Donate button at FOSSHub] as well.


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