Fun Software: Visual Thesaurus

A friend was remarking that computing and PCs are not fun anymore … and given some of the players in the business at first I thought… but then immediately sprang to mind some very well written and deliciously fun to use software. And so over the next few months I will, from time to time , cite some examples of Fun Software. Readers are invited submit their own selections.

Because I am in the writing business and this software has a unique interface – Visual Thesaurus immediately came to mind. Just visit their website and try the software directly in your browser there.

If you are involved in writing – I suspect you will smile like I did when you see words in Visual Thesaurus swirling around their synonyms and antonyms. Literally the words inhabit a 3D world of meanings undulating in and rotating out as you hover and click on words to try to zero in and grasp the meaning – and the words keep expanding, bursting into a new world of meaning and hues of understanding. For Wordsmiths – this a Foundry of Fun!

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