Google Android Will Challenge

A lot of phone reviewers are poo-oohing the Google Android as first seen on the Dreem from T-Mobile. I thought “Wow could Google be making a big “going down in flames” mistake?” Then I heard the news commentary from Microsoft which said spokesmen for Redmond said “their phone was a growing player.” Hmmm – if Redmond has to comment that they are a player … maybe Android is better than I have heard. Then I heard the price, a hundred bucks eighty – hmmm competitive. And then I saw the story behind the screen shot at the left – the first Android Killer App a Compass System that takes advantage of Google City Maps in a most nifty/”handy” way.

Thats it.

Google is in the mobile phone ball game, and in a big way! Thank heavens – no real competition for iPhone is not what the mobile phone market needs. Now Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Nokia can have a good monster competition – and unlike the recent action on Wall Street, Main Streeters will be the better for it.

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