jsGrid or Portfolio UI layouts are thriving. Masonry.js already has been upgraded to Isotope.js  with its powerful and responsive  filtering and sorting functions. And there are a number of other grid layout Javascript tools appearing including the pulsating yet touch responsive  gridaccordion.js and popup lightbox powered gridfolio.js. Grid image layouts in event , portfolio, gallery, and product table applications are common.. And responsive, mobile ready layouts are even more valuable.

So now Gridly.js appears with a responsive grid which has the added ability to drag & drop or delete blocks on screen. Gridly also  has the virtue of being very simple to code as seen in this codepen:

See the Pen Gridly-simple Masonry clone by Jacques Surveyer (@jbsurveyer) on CodePen.

So now grid  content [most often images but also banner blocks of HTML] can be responsive  to mobile needs but also users can drag and drop grid elements wherever they want them. Clearly, Web designers now have a wealth of Javascript image grid layout tools for use in  dashboards, portfolios, and SPA-Single Page Applications. Even better, many image layout grids like Gridly are free and open source.