Hiding Nuisance Notices in WordPress, etc

Okay, Nuisance Notifications [aka Nags] are not exclusive to WordPress. You may also be plagued by unsolicited notices in the lower right-hand corner of your PC screen as Google and Facebook and Microsoft and just about every app you have bought now presume to have the right to popup unsolicited  PR notes at random moments on   your personal computer, tablet and/or mobile phone.

This audacious popup presence also appears all over WP Admin pages:
Nag notices have become so bothersome in WordPress the need to take action and  control the nags  has resulted in a search for plugin relief.

“No More Nags” plugins

The trick is to find the right search phrasing for Google or the WordPress plugins directory search field. Here are the candidates found so far:
Disable Admin Notices Individually -requires $19/year premium version to control notices fully
Hide Admin Notices -worked for only some notices/messages
Hide Dashboard Notifications – works only on dashboard notices
WP Admin Notification Center – also was hit/miss on clearing nags
Admin Notices Manager – simple and works so far with small glitch:

The “etc” in the Post Title
A free, upcoming January 4th Meetup describes Bustout Backend  plugins and their model of combining several features in one nearly free plugin. I was hoping to find a combo Admin plugin that added hiding admin notices to its complete feature set. As it turns out there are three such plugins  but to get the “Hide Nags” feature users may have to buy the premium plugin.

1) My WP Customize Admin/Frontend MY-WP is a versatile Admin screens plugin as seen in the screen shot:Perhaps the best approach is to describe partial features of MY/WP . It allows removal and moving dashbaord panels but not creatining of styling/coloring them. Likewise User roles and Logon formatting are barebones. But alas, admin notification control is only partial.

The next Admin interface plugin is suitably named – Admin Custom Interface and it has wide list of admin options:But despite the rich set of admin customizing options, the crucial Admin Notices is weak and and used for notices to users who have access to the admin area. So this a good general admin development tool but no control for nag notifications.

Ultimate Dashboard delivers a wide range of very good  admin designer tools:
But still no control of nag notices – this is getting frustrating.

WP-Aminnify does deliver Notice Control in the premium $59US/year/site pro version. But consider the default styling:To restyle, users will have to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding as WP-Adminify does not have drag and drop template and panel design tools.

Kinsta provides a comprehensive review of how to customize  all of your admin areas with  a collection of free Admin plugins to create your own admin pages look and style. Users can change Login screen, Admin top bar and Admin menus sidebar plus dashboard  widgets. Kinsta illustrates using   such free plugins as Admin Menu Editor,  Admin Columns for posts and page layouts, Custom Login Page Customizer  to style the login page, White Label CMS for controlling  dashboard and other  area layouts. If you would like to create specific dashboard widgets check this list of free plugin. and last bt not least, add in in Admin Notices Manager to control Nag Notices.

So now you know how to customize your login and admin sceens and dashboard largely for free .But consider, WordPress 5.9 and 6.0, FSE-Full Site editing with Block Themes will replace many of these plugins and alow you DIY your WordPress Admin in a “better” Gutenberg   way.

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